Art Center Ongoing


Yuya Koyama

Born in Saitama Japan 1989.
He has graduated from Tokyo zokei Universty graduate school in March 2015. He is interested to handle elements of communication. His highlight shows are SEARCH&DESTROY, Tokyo/LEAVING ALONE SOMEBODY WHO YOU DON’T GET, Tokyo/Railway Arts Festival vol.5, Osaka/Folding Different Species, Yokohama in Japan/Unusualness Makes Sense,CMU Arts Centre in Tahi/PARTY,Tokyo/Thinking in 6/1,blanclass/Politics of Space,statements,Tokyo/RemainingMethods,3331arts chiyoda,Tokyo/ COUNTERWEIGHT,Open Letter,Tokyo/“Assembridge NAGOYA 2017”Naitho garage/Münster Sculpture Project in Sagamihara ,Kanuma park,Sagamihara

Since 2015, He became staff of CSLAB Tokyo Zokei University where student centered learning has been adopted. He is engaged in planning and management with students there. His art works and activities searching the way to go beyond existing framework.