Art Center Ongoing



Art Center Ongoing is a compact art complex with a gallery, library, and café, which opened in January 2008 and has introduced numerous artists with the idea of “a place where ongoing experimental forms of expression can be pursued.

Since 2013, we have also been involved in an artist-in-residence program and continued to actively build a network with the international art scene. In addition to exhibitions, we have held various events such as talks, performances, and workshops, aiming to create a place where a diverse range of people can gather around the arts.

However, social and global conditions have changed dramatically since the opening, and we find ourselves confronted daily with a variety of problems that are difficult to solve. In such circumstances, it may be time for Art Center Ongoing to change its role and direction. As an independent art space, there is no doubt that there is much that we can do.

What can art do for us now?

We would like to continue to search for an ongoing answer to this big question from a small art complex, with all those who believe in art.

Art Center Ongoing
Director Nozomu Ogawa