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Ry Haskings

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2021 upcoming exhibition with Midori Mitamura, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2020 Moral assembly vest, (site specific project), Bahay Nakpil Bautista, Manila, Philippines
2019 North-east Epidemiologist Spray, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
2017 Knitlock Hoarders Sentinel, Gertrude Contemporary Glasshouse Gallery, Melbourne
2015 PhD Exhibition, MADA Gallery, Melbourne
Rapa Nui Ranelagh, Westspace, Melbourne
2014 Thammasat fuel fabrication, Sutton Project Space, Melbourne
2011 Muzzle zeal, Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton, Victoria
2010 Burros ballot, Tcb artinc, Melbourne
Real Archive Loose War Paint, White Street Project, Melbourne
Unpacked bucket llama chute, Wall work project, Shepparton Art Museum, Shepparton, Victoria
2009 Backtrack AKA (Catchfire), Utopian Slumps Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger, Ocular Lab, Melbourne
2007 New Work, Austral Avenue, Melbourne
2006 World Stab, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
2004 Untitled, Dudespace, Melbourne
2002 Pick one and Hum, Project Space, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide,
2001 Flavour, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
1999 Inside the outside, Axiom Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Image Reader, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
Punch____Line, Phyllis Palmer Gallery at Latrobe University, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
2018 On the ground, Phyllis Palmer Gallery at LaTrobe University, Bendigo, Victoria, Australis
Art from Down Under: Australia to New Zealand, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at the Appalachian State
University, Boone, North Carolina, USA
2017 Pistachio, Phyllis Palmer Gallery at Latrobe University, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
2016 Cabal, Aperto Gallery, Montpellier, France
Gertrude Studios 2016, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
2015 Gertrude Studios 2015, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
Maria, The Alderman, Melbourne
2014 Fin, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
Awesome repeat x infinity bonus ;-O’, Trocadero, Melbourne
2013 Drawing Now, Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
In the Cut, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Artwork Documentation, Studio 6 Projects, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne
Drunk vs Stoned XIII, Neon Parc, Melbourne
2012 Falling Down, Utopian Slumps Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
Self-conscious: Contemporary Portraiture, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.
Ruler Pencil and Time, Block Projects, Melbourne
Sub 12, Substation, Newport, Vic
Ménage à Trois, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington New Zealand
2011 sushichampagnepaintingsculpture, 117 Hardware St, Melbourne
2010 Whatever works, db project, Sydney
In Order Out, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
Dot Dot Dot, Peleton Gallery, Sydney
Dot Dot Dot, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW
Far point…, Sno Gallery, Marrickville, Sydney
Texticles, Melbourne Art Fair
Shilo Project, Touring Regional Galleries, Australia
2009 CARGO, Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago
Shilo Project, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University Agitation Free, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne
Texticles, TCB artinc, Melbourne
2008 Flux Capacitator, Utopian Slumps Gallery, Melbourne
Revolving doors, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne
Somewhere in Time after Time, i.e. contemporary projects, Toowoomba QLD Young Old Hot, TCB artinc, Melbourne
2007 All in an afternoon, Monash Faculty Gallery, Monash University, Vic Gin Gin Giri Giri – Harsh Powerful Sunlight Hunter Eye (Duo exhibition with Shungo Kimata, Japan), TCB artinc, Melbourne
2006 Mind games, Conical Gallery, Fitzroy
2005 Did it with my free hand, Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy
No Return, Kings ARI Gallery, Melbourne
A Re-constructed world’, Linden Gallery, Melbourne
2004 Specimens, Domain House Gallery, Melbourne
G.M.H. (Collaboration with Lisa Radford), ETW, Kyoto, Japan
2003 Play for keeps, Early Space, Melbourne
Us at Bus, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
Gorilla Guerrilla, George White Gallery, Melbourne
Second, Spencer St Gallery, Melbourne
Bong on ’03, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
Multi-Grammy award winning, TCB artinc, Melbourne
2001 Awards Show, Victorian College of the Arts Faculty Gallery, Melbourne
The land of milk and honey, Adelaide Central Gallery, Adelaide
2000 Famed, Victorian College of the Arts Faculty Gallery, Melbourne
The Tool Show, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
Scale 21, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University

2020 Japan Foundation Australia grant for exchange residency/ exhibition project
2019 Fremantle Arts Centre Artist Residency (2020)
2018 Internal Research Grant Scheme, Latrobe University – Funded Research Trip to Manila with an outcome scheduled there for 2020
2017 New Start-Up Researcher Grant, Latrobe University – Funded a research trip to Japan and Europe in 2017 with that research outcome exhibited at the Turchin Art Center, Appalachian University NC. USA 2018
2016 Barcelona Residency, Australia Council
2015 – 2017 Studio Residence, Gertrude Contemporary
2013 Post Graduate Award, Sutton Gallery/ Monash University
2011 Post Graduate Travel Grant, Monash University
2010 – 2014 Australian Post Graduate Award Scholarship, Monash University
2006 Bus Gallery Studio Residence
2001 Maribyrnong Council (Melbourne, VIC) Air-Lock Installation Commission Shortlist
2000 George Hicks Award, Victorian College of the Arts

Curated Exhibitions:
2019 Release and Clutch, with David Keating, Janet Bromley and Judith Warnest at Latrobe Art Institute, Bendigo Cowboy Country, David Griggs at Latrobe Art Institute, Bendigo
2014 Mijacogeo, with Agatha Gothe-Snape, Shane Haseman, Andrew Long, Evan Morgan Grahame, Isabelle Sully at TCB artinc, Melbourne
2011 Whatever works, with Masato Takasaka, Lisa Radford and Lane Cormick at Stockroom Gallery, Kyneton, Vic

Collaborative Projects:
2019 Initiated Conners Conners Gallery with Vincent Alessi and Narelle Desmond in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
2019-20 Exhibition/ residency exchange with Akira Takaishi between host organisations Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo and Latrobe University, Bendigo
2018 Manila: Art Culture and the City, Hosted and taught Latrobe University students on a study tour of the Manila Biennale and the broader arts and cultural industry
2018 Art Forum series, Coordinated a series of artist talks at Latrobe University weekly during first semester
2016-current Cormicj and Haskings, collaboration with Lane Cormick
2015 3-Ply Art forum: The radical potential of abstraction, speaker and venue coordinator
2014-2017 Coordination of the Hell’s Flags program. Organising artists to present works on flags
quarterly outside of Hell’s Kitchen, Melbourne
2010-2019 Member of TCB artinc Committee. Tasks include: Coordination of interns and openings, curation, gallery maintenance, artist and curator liaising, archiving, finance, bookkeeping and exhibition programming
2001-10 Member of Damp, Collaborative Art Group – Exhibited locally, nationally and internationally such as Another mind bending guitar solo Basekamp, Philadelphia, USA with A Constructed World with travel funded by Australia Council, Asia Pacific Triennial 6, GOMA, Brisbane, QLD and various exhibitions through representation at Uplands Gallery, Melbourne. Damp specific CV available on request.

2017-current La Trobe University, Level B Lecturer (Ongoing)

Academic qualifications:
2010 – 2015 PhD, Monash University. Thesis Title: Tracing, reference points and communication paths in artwork.
2000 Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons), Victorian College of the Arts
1996 – 1998 Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking), Victorian College of the Arts

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Authored by artist:
2014 Untitled essay for Mijacogeo, TCB artinc, curated group exhibition catalogue Front page image, Material. John Nixon and Westspace publication, Melbourne
2012 “In conversation with Tony Garifalakis”, Ménage à Trois , TCB artinc., Melbourne, p 7-9 (cat)
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Selected Art Forums:
2019 Art Anywhere Symposium Buxton Contemporary
2017 Latrobe University, Bendigo Campus Art Forum series
2016 Chisholm Institute, Frankston Campus Guest Lecture
Victorian College of the Arts, Guest Lecture, Painting Short Course Program
Victorian College of the Arts, Guest Lecture, Honours Program
Victoria University, Footscray Park, Guest Lecture, Undergraduate
2015 Painting Round Table 2 facilitated by 3-Ply The Radical Potential of Abstraction
Painting Round Table 1 facilitated by 3-Ply The Expanding and Contracting Universe of Painting
Victorian College of the Arts, Guest Lecture, Professional Practice Program
2013 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Education Seminar, Melbourne

Hells kitchen, commission for a wall drawing 2004, 2007 and 2012 in collaboration with Trevelyan Clay

Monash University Museum of Art
Various Private Collections in Australia