Art Center Ongoing



hanage is an artist group formed in 2015, consisting of Marico Aoki, Miyuki Akiyama, and Shoko Toda. We plan and carry out events and exhibitions focusing on the relationship between the everyday things we need to live and create artwork. Exhibitions and Events 2015 “Cements and Letters”, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo 2016 “With Mam -What happens when you have kids?”, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo 2016 “Postscript”, krautraum, Tokyo 2016 “W.S. Make a mask of God and transform! Gods festival 2016”, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Saitama 2017 “ (hanage+Sabbatical Company) × sound”, rail road siding2017 , Saitama 2019 “Life Game-Festival-Office Zanmai”, Absorption/Radiation” , Saitama 2019 “Homemade Noise”, Absorption/Radiation” , Saitama 2019 “Delivery Mikoshi Cat Get Tower” , Absorption/Radiation” , Saitama