Art Center Ongoing


Yukie Yoshizaki presents “My Collection and Me”

Marico Aoki, Maiko Jinushi

2022.11.11[fri] - 2022.11.27[sun]
18:00‒21:00(wed,thur,fri) |12:00‒21:00(sat,sun)

This exhibition presents an art collection of Yukie Yoshizaki who had worked at Art Center Ongoing for more than 10 years and has purchased many artworks from its exhibitions. In addition to the collection, Mariko Aoki and Maiko Jinushi will make new artworks as commission for this exhibition.
For more details of this exhibition, please read here.

New artworks by
Marico Aoki, Maiko Jinushi

Artworks (from collection) by
Akinori Shimodaira, Daisuke Samejima, Itaru Ogawa, Keisuke Sagiyama, Haruka Saito, Akiko Kinugawa, Tetsushi Higashino, Mineki Murata, Koichi Enomoto, Kenji Ide, Yoshiki Tanaka, Kanako Tada, Yusuke Saito, Akira Takaishi, Takuya Yamashita, Eri Yagi, Miho Fujii, Koko Kashiko, Constance Hinfray, Tomohiro Nagahata (and more)

Exhibition installation by
Taketo Kobayashi

Talks and Events

(All events are in Japanese.)
November 18th (fri) 20:30-
“Let’s Sit Down and Talk about Old and New Stories.”
Guest: Nozomu Ogawa (Director of Art Center Ongoing)
Nozomu and I have known each other for more than 10 years, but since Nozomu has been super busy with work for these several years, we really haven’t sat down and talk for a while. I’d like to take this opportunity to have a face-to face conversation and ask him about what he’s been up to and maybe look back some histories of Art Center Ongoing together.
There will be live streaming on our “Art Center Ongoing” YouTube Channel.

November 19th (Sat) 20:30-
“I want to purchase your work!!”
Guest: Yusuke Shibata (Artist)

Yusuke Shibata is one of my most favorite artists, but I’ve never purchased his artwork before. I’d like to have a conversation about buying his artworks openly to public because many Japanese people tend to think buying artworks is so special and only the special people have the right to do it, but I want to show it otherwise. (Or maybe I just want to take this opportunity to talk with my favorite artist.)
There will be live streaming on our “Art Center Ongoing” YouTube Channel.

November 24th (Thurs) 19:30-
“Art Collectors Radio”
Guest: Mizuyo Takamura

During the exhibition, I will ask visitors to write down, “Have you bought a piece of artwork? Please tell me about what the work is, how and why you purchased it, and what it means to you.” Mizuyo and I will introduce the stories from the visitors like radio people read the messages from the listeners.
There will be live streaming on our “Art Center Ongoing” YouTube Channel.

November 25th (Fri) 20:00-
“Let’s Talk about Books”
Guest: Shuichi Kitao

To celebrate the publication of the two books “Pinoko Book” and “Sarcoma Book”, I’m going to invite Shuichi Kitao who is the founder of the publisher Million Years Bookstore and the author of “Let’s Talk about Making Books in More Details (published from EASTPRESS, the Japanese tile of the book is いつもよりも具体的な本づくりの話を。) to talk about “what is a good book?”. Shuichi Kitao has been working in the industry for more than 30 years and has published numerous wonderful books.
There will be live streaming on our “Art Center Ongoing” YouTube Channel.

November 26th (Sat) 15:00-
“I Want to Be Your Auntie.”
Music by Ryo Ikeda (Vocal and guitar), Haruka Saito (Violin)
My best friends had a cutest baby, and the baby will turn 3-month-old soon. To celebrate and show the baby how happy I am to see him in this world, we’ll have a party. His parents will play music which they want their baby to listen to, and hopefully all the babies in the world will listen too.
There will be live streaming on our “Art Center Ongoing” YouTube Channel.

November 27th (Sun) 15:00-
Ongoing School
Admission: 1000 yen (entrance fee + cake and drink)
Exhibiting artists will give a talk about the exhibition.
This time, Marico Aoki and Maiko Jinushi will talk about their new artworks they made for Yukie Yoshizaki and this exhibition.
There will be NO streaming of this event.


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