Art Center Ongoing


Sony Suzuki

1969: Born in Tokyo
1996: Lived in Brooklyn NY
2001: Living in Tokyo

Exhibition (recent):
2011:      “Handsome” @Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
2016:      “No balance” @Tamboulin Gallery (Tokyo)
2017:      “Like a delightful hell on earth” @Diginner Gallery (Tokyo)
     Group exhibition “Gallery bird house” @Chino Museum (Nagano)
2018:    “Holidays in Comwanky park” @Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
     “A retrospective (1998-2000)” @ Diginner Gallery (Tokyo)
2019:       Group exhibition “Another side of Tezuka」@Tokyo Cultuart by BEAMS (Tokyo),
      Group exhibition “Another side of Tezuka」@Littlehut Gallery(Taipei)
2020:       “Instrumental Youth” @ Diginner Gallery (Tokyo)
      Group exhibition “Another side of Tezuka」@Littlehut Gallery(Hong Kong)
2021:         “Nu pholks” @ (Tokyo)
     “No look pass” @ Diginner Gallery (Tokyo)
2022:       “Midnight car boy” @ Diginner Gallery (Tokyo)
2023:       “How my heart sings” @WISH LESS Gallery (Tokyo)
     “Junk food, art, style and mystery (Itaru Ogawa x Sony Suzuki) @Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)

2020       “Instrumental Youth” (Ronsosha)