Art Center Ongoing


Dion Soethoudt

A conceptual designer.

Being neither white nor black, his mixed cultural and physical identity is inescapably prominent in his life. It has shaped an unique and deviant way of thinking and designing, which often results in humour and challenges the status quo. This is the core of who he is and it is the core value of his work.

Just as a tickle provokes an extreme but light sense of pain, humour can act as an extreme and light agent to push boundaries, shape new norms, and transfer controversial thoughts and ideas.

He collects subconscious human behaviours and translate those formative moments into visual narratives. He works through multi-disciplinary design methods, such as illustration, 3D prototyping, installations and product design, conceptual design, speculative research and visual translations.

Through design, he dares to confront our collective frictions and tickle our most vulnerable fears.