Art Center Ongoing



Nozomu Ogawa

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976, OGAWA graduated from The MusashinoArt University (Bachelor’s degree in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences) in 2001. OGAWA completed his Master’s degree in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Study in University of Tokyo two years later, he received admission to the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies for a doctor degree in the same year.

Since 2012, OGAWA was invited as a guest lecturer for Arts Policy and Management at The Musashino Art University. OGAWA participated as one of the art advisors at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo in 2015. The next year, he received a grant from Japan Foundation and began his 3-month research journey to South-East Asia, which he visited 83 art spaces in 9 countries.

Apart from being the artistic director of Art Centre Ongoing (2008), TERATOTERA (2009) and Koganei Art Full Action 『小金井アートフル・アクション!』 (2010). OGAWA has been activity involving in organizing art events and curating art projects since 2002, included KoganeiArt Full. Jack! 『小金井アートフル・ジャック!』 (2009-2013), 5th dimension (2010), “House” Keep out 『入ッテハイケナイ家―― “House” Keep out ――』 (2010), Essential Ongoing (2011), Roppongi Art Night (2013, 2017) and OKU-NOTO Oral Tradition Museum(2017).