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Martyna Miller

2022.08.31 [水] - 2022.09.04 [日]
水木金 18:00‒21:00|土日 12:00‒21:00
入場料: 400円(セレクトティー付き)
主催:Art Center Ongoing

Japanese archive of sexual experiences.

The Sexinsitu project takes the form of an archive, specific as it collects data and materials that it produces itself, according to an elaborated method. The basic units are video recordings. They are based on the method of work with the body, in which the participants, through body movements, recall their own sexual memories. They do this alone – without partners. The choreographies created in this way become a prosthesis of this memory, an attempt to materialize intimate and ephemeral sexual events in the image.

This is therefore not an archive in the classical sense of the word, but rather a visual archive project that produces its own technology as a basis for creating a visuality of sexuality based on experience. Its task is to change not only the perspective of looking at sexuality, but to enable insight into this space for ourselves, to tame and express it.

The exhibition contains of 10 posproduced recordings made during the residency in Art Center Ongoing in August 2022.

Sexinsitu is an Ongoing project, developed since 2016 and open for every willing participant.

Martyna Miller
ig: @sexinsitu
E-mail: sexinsitu@h-bk5-jgmci95

Participating persons:
Oki Hiroyuki
Naosuke Aoki
Shingo Kanagawa
Aya Momose
Reiji Saito
Reira Fujiyama
Yashima Yukari
Asahi Isikawa
Fu Sakai
Andrés Madrueño
Martyna Miller

Music: Fu Sakai, zzzpeaker, Martyna Miller
Translation of a song: Yukie Yoshizaki




本展では、2022年8月にArt Center Ongoingでのレジデンス期間中に制作した10点の映像記録を発表します。


ig: @sexinsitu
E-mail: sexinsitu@h-bk5-jgmci95


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