Art Center Ongoing



Daniela Pălimariu

2022.11.30[wed] - 2022.12.04[sun]
18:00‒21:00(wed,thur,fri) |12:00‒21:00(sat,sun) Admission: ¥400(with tea)

In an abundance of choices, an exuberance of commuting lines, an opulence of aromas, choose your destination and stick with it. A city that seems to have so many options, where it’s too easy to get distracted, confused and tired, where sounds are coming from everywhere except the people around you – a perfect opportunity to be invisible, to dissolve into the crowds. 

Chaos is in the eyes of the beholder, but stillness and orderliness never last long enough. Tokyo Konditorei is temporarily covering the contact surfaces of the space it occupies at Art Center Ongoing, and invites you to neutralize most of your senses for a while. Except the taste, of course: sugar will be provided!


November 30th (wed)
Opening reception
19:00 Start
Admission: 1000 yen (with light catering+one drink)

Daniela Pălimariu

Daniela Pălimariu (b. 1986) is a visual artist and co-founder of Sandwich art space in Bucharest. Her practice […]