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Daniela Pălimariu

Daniela Pălimariu (b. 1986) is a visual artist and co-founder of Sandwich art space in Bucharest. Her practice includes livable environments and objects, installations, public and semi-private events, all of which understate the ambiguity of human relations, the need for personal space, play and daily subversions. Alongside her art practice, she is co-directing the Sandwich programming and curating since 2016.
Her works were recently shown at Nida Art Colony (LT), Billytown The Hague (NL), LISTE in Basel (CH), CLC Gallery Venture and C5CNM in Beijing (CN), Maverick Chelsea in New York, and in Bucharest at Catinca Tabacaru, Nicodim, and Ivan galleries; also in numerous institutional and curatorial spaces around Bucharest including the National Museum of Contemporary Art,, Salonul de Proiecte, and as part of the collaborative exhibition VIDEO+RADIO+LIVE, collateral to Art Encounters Biennial 2021. She has created works for public spaces in Beijing, Innsbruck and Bucharest, and she co-curated the Staycation Symposium and exhibition with CTG Collective. Her works are part of the MNAC and the ING Global Art Collections.