2020.08.19 - 2020.08.30
¥400(with tea)
□opening hours
■Exhibition Statement by the artist■

At the beginning of August, the long rainy season finally came to an end and the summer sunshine is pleasantly shining upon us, but the coronavirus situation is only getting worse. I keep wondering if it is appropriate to make an announcement of my exhibition in such a difficult time. This question keeps running in my head, but my thought always lands on a same place; an important part of art is to have people see it. Looking back, the last time I was able to go to a movie theater was at the beginning of this year and I saw Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”. It was so great. The culmination of all the director created. The release of Jarmusch’s zombie movie has been postponed, and I’ve been dreaming of going to see it. I put off many other things too, but is there really a good way out of all these postponements?

Therefore, I decided to hold an exhibition in a possible safest way that I can think of now. To avoid creating a crowd, it takes a form of a film screening that visitors can come by reservation. Furthermore, I’m planning to constantly update the work throughout the two-week exhibition period, reflecting my commitments (audio) with people who come to the exhibition. All events will be streamed online, which include an online guest talk with Mitsuru Tamatsuka whom I work with as “Sagi Tama”. I’m carefully building up what can be done now, one by one. Keeping your good health and safety a top priority, it would be my greatest pleasure if you could come to see my exhibition.

(Keisuke Sagiyama, August 1)

In order to avoid creating a crowd at the gallery, please book your seats in advance. Please send your name and the time when you'd like to see via email. info@ongoing.jp

Time table
□12:00~ □12:40~ □13:20~ □14:00~ □14:40~ □15:20~ □16:00~ □16:40~ □17:20~ □18:00~ □18:40~ □19:20~ □20:00~ (40min each)

You can see the exhibition without reservation, but please note that we may ask you to wait for a while if more than 4 people are in the gallery at a time.

All the talk events will be broadcasted on YouTube Channel of Art Center Ongoing as part of ”Ongoing Studio" our new online talk show program.

No tickets needed, but you can make donation to support us via Paypay or note (Japanese blog page

Please note that the talks are mostly in Japanese. If you're interested in further details, please email us.

August 22 (sat) 19:00~
Ongoing Studio 2020/08/22
"Body and Scenery: Sagi Tama's collaborative work"
Guest :Mitsuru Tamatsuka (TamaPro / Director / Producer)

August 30 (sun) 15:00~
Ongoing Studio 2020/08/30
The artist gives a talk about the exhibition.
Interviewer: Yukie Yoshizaki (Art Center Ongoing)

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