2020.07.15 - 2020.07.26
¥400(with tea)
□opening hours
◇◇◇Exhibition Statement by Mikiko Fujita◇◇◇

This exhibition is going to present a 10 meter-long picture scroll of a forest spreading in my mind.
I worked on this piece in Tottori and Norway for about 1 year from 2019, under the theme of awakening the instincts that all human should be born with.
Taking a deep forest as a metaphor of human mind, I step into the forest to search for what lies deep underneath.
I hope that the viewers can also walk in their minds by following my footsteps in the forest painting, and have the time to rediscover and reconnect with their own instincts.
There will be some new small works that depict the world of this picture scroll in this exhibition.


All the talk events will be broadcasted on Youtube Channel of Art Center Ongoing as part of ”Ongoing Studio" our new online talk show program.

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Ongoing Studio 2020/07/25
July 25 (sat) 19:00~
Talk event
Placemaking and Art Born in Rural Areas
Guest: Yu Ohtani (Urban researcher, Community development activist)

The guest speaker is Yu Ohtani, who is making a community space in Leipzig and Onomichi. I’d like to ask him about the possibilities of the new placemaking movements and art that are happening in the rural area now. And also we'll discuss how people can get together again in this world with coronavirus.

Ongoing Studio 2020/07/26
July 26 (sun)15:00~
The artist gives a talk about the exhibition.