2020.06.17 - 2020.06.28
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June 27 (sat) 18:00
Ongoing Studio 2020/06/27
Sontakuzu Comedy Stage: Self-restraint Commemoration - Let’s Dance in Hell! Drawing Contest of Hell Amabie”
Sontakuzu (Takana Sushi Robot, Pet Loss-ter Inoue)

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- About Sontakuzu -
"Sontakuzu" is a comedy duo started in 2017 by artists Yoshiki Tanaka and Morito Inoue. Their hilarious comedy shows are often satirical in both contexts of politics and the contemporary art world. Being nominated for Taro Okamoto Award in 2020, they were planning to perform the comedy shows at the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art every day from February14 to April 12, but they had to cancel because the government asked for “self-restraint” to close art museums due to the virus spread.
"Sontaku" has been a trending Japanese word mainly used in political matters when one guesses and acts in accordance with someone's implication (usually in a superior position) so that he/she will have benefits as a result. The word had been not used in everyday conversation until 2017 when politicians including Japan’s prime minister started using it on TV.
(Please note that their show is in Japanese.)