2019.11.27 - 2019.12.01
¥400(with tea)
□opening hours
1st December (sun)
Closing Reception

This exhibition sets up a series of encounters, attempting to regard formats, i.e. modes of behavior between working and non-working, that notoriously distinguish the Japanese culture from the western ones.

Rooted in the inevitably pre-given westernized imagery about Asian traditions, I engage with my alienism to allow meta-notations, remarks and combinations to be presented here in Japan.
The “double-double” of the title of the exhibition at one hand refers to my outsider vision and on the other hand to a second level provided at the rooftop of the OnGoing gallery, for short collaborations, where underground culture is discussed and brought to the above ground in various forms.
In that way, there is a double-double: an in-out through Japanese movements between order and disorder.

From the "honne" and "tatemae" - intertwined social play - to the use of prime materials (wood, washi paper, e.g.) and fake reproductions; from institutional principles to (after-)work drinking meetings, the social relations seem to integrate straight and dismantled situations, which might be related to a cultural influence of both physical as well as metaphysical elements of nature.

During the residency period at Ongoing Art Center, I collected talks, objects, images from under and above ground scenes I came across in Tokyo. These casual meetings are combined, mixed and re-assembled in formats that reflect the challenges of respective social operative systems.

Art Center Ongoing
Nozomu Ogawa
Atsuhiro Ito
Aida Mizuki
Masaharu Kuramochi Giaco Schiesser
Fundação Oriente
The National Museum of Art Okutama (MOAO)