2019.09.25 - 2018.12.29
¥400(with tea)
□opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday: 12:00-21:00
* * * * *About Exhibition* * * * *

"The great sleep" in English. It refers to the moment of falling, after summer. When the fauna is slowing down and the nature is preparing to enter a sleeping state. It also refers to death.

I use the sensation of torpor accompanying the falling into another state, as a tool to go deep into the confusion of the mind. Somewhere around vegetating, observation and being not productive. What can be perceived as not active and a default mode in our society could actually be one among many forms of resistance and hacking against a modern order of the right now and what can be seen as the good morality.

As the vegetation is adapting to humans, while hacking their architectures in silence and turning vertical structures into ruins, with time.

Please use the manufactured objects of the show as many tools to train yourself to float and enter a state of possibilities, maybes, unknow. In praise of the laziness and floating worlds where everything living can end, disappear and reborn different after death.

Special references
Michel de Certeau "Practice of the Everyday life" 1980
lori Gruen, "Entangled Empathy, an Alternative Ethic for Our Relationship with Animals " 2014
Ryoi Asai, "The Tales of the Floating World" 1661

* * * * * Events * * * * *

Each performance is open and limited to 6 persons (children, adults and elderly).
Reservation: residence@ongoing.jp Please send us an email with title "Constance's performance" to make a reservation.

Performance 1 "Empathy parade"
9/26 (thu) 20:00~ (1hour)
Participation fee: FREE
Meeting at Art Center Ongoing.
Everyone will be asked to wear masks and costumes and hold lanterns. We will walk together in the neighborhood of Kichijoji and look for all types of animals and insects living among us.
The performance will be about guessing what they feel, talk with them, spend time to learn more about the fauna who is sharing the same territory with us. How can we enhance their living before winter? What type of plants do they like?
(Please bring a Pocket light if you have. Please share your tips about building shelters for the hedgehogs or what type of food enjoy birds.)
Lecture and poetry during the tour.

Performance 2 "Empathy parade"
9/27 (fri) 20:00~
Participation fee: FREE
(same as the performance 1)

Performance 3 "Prayers"
9/29 (sun) 17:30~ (1:30 hour)
Participation fee: 400 yen (for performance materials)
Meeting at Art Center Ongoing. Everyone will be wearing masks, costumes and lanterns.
We'll go the the park next to the art center and will write a little prayer for the year to come. It can be anything, from eating more cheese to learning a new language. From this prayers, we'll rewrite a collective song adapted by "Running up that hill", from Kate Bush.
Constance will tattoo your prayer on your arm ( temporary tattoo) so you won't forget it.
(Please bring pocket lights and music instruments if you have any.)

Closing Party
9/29 (sun) 19:30~
Admission: 1000 yen (with food and drink)

Constance Hinfray