2013.04.11 - 2013.04.21
12:00-21:00 closed: Monday and Tuesday
4/13 (Sat) 19:00~
Opening Party
Participation fee:\1000
Some party food and 1drink will be served at the party. Entrance fee \400 is included in the fee.

4/20 (Sat) 19:00~
Guest : Company Matsuo(Porno movie director)
Admission Fee: \1000 (1drink and entrance fee \400 is included in the fee. )

The show will be in Japanese without English interpretation.
However, English speaking visitors are welcome to join afterparty!
The artist and staff are more than happy to give you some English explanation.


Company Matsuo
Porno director / Born on June 29 1965 in Aichi. Year of 1987, Matsuo, as a virgin, started his first career at AV movie production, V&R Planning. Next year, made his debut as a director. He's a specialist of a Japanese porn genre "hamedori" and loves curry and motorbike. In 1996, left V&R. In 2003, established his own production HMJM (hamajim) and made his best know movies entitled "Make Me an AV Actress" (1991), "The Sex Cannon Ball Ride" (1996) etc.. Also he has directed music video and live moviefor Michinori Toyota.

4/21 (Sun) 15:00~
Pre Ongoing School
The artist will give you a lecture about his works and exhibition.
Partisipation fee: \1500 (w/ cake set, the entrance fee \400 is included in the fee.)